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Mid-October Saturdays Are Meant for Arby’s Venison and Basketball

About a month ago when a source within the fast food industry alerted me that Arby's, America's second largest sandwich restaurant chain (!), would be selling venison for one day only across the country, I had two immediate reactions: Quickly confirm that my definition of “venison” was, in fact, what I thought it was. Construct [...]

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Announcing the Launch of the Apul Patel Detective Agency

Everyone's got a side hustle. Some people drive for Uber, I have a detective agency. In our brief yet storied history as an agency, we have a near-flawless record of delivering for our clients. There's no case too big or too small. We live to address your needs, and your satisfaction is our number one [...]

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Introducing My Pan to Smoked Salmon Bacon

One morning not too long ago I was in my local Trader Joe's (it's the one with the small parking lot that's a chaotic kill-or-be-killed mess) loading up on food to bring into my office. I was browsing pre-packaged salads because salads are healthy, and eating healthy is a religion, and I treat my body [...]

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‘Glen and the Magic Taco’ Is Finally Here

Like many others who have enjoyed a meal at Taco Bell, I was deeply moved when they announced the imminent release of "Glen and the Magic Taco", their first-ever animated digital short. This was easily the biggest entertainment bombshell to drop in 2017, and I couldn't help but feel some sort of mythical ownership of [...]

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Weekend Recap: Ringing in the Fall

This past weekend I set out to celebrate the beginning of fall in grand style. I publicly arranged an ambitious weekend itinerary, and am incredibly proud to announce that I succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Fashion first (original goal) This was the easiest to accomplish. My entire wardrobe already contained an exultant symphony of browns [...]

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Weekend Plans: Five Ways to Fall Into Autumn

Today marks the autumnal equinox — the beginning of the fall season. I usually don't celebrate the passing of seasons, largely due to the fact that the only season in Los Angeles is face-melting heat, but I'm making an exception this time around. Due entirely to desperate boredom, I've curated a small list of fall [...]

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